Saturday, April 17, 2010

The working girl

Girl is twenty two years old. A fresh out of uni professional graduate with her first full time job. She has just moved out of home into a big city, hoping to make it with the promise of a higher paycheck. And other itsy bitsy dreams. Oh another thing about girl, she owes people a fuck load of money.

Girl is in 80 000 dollars debt with student loan (to support said professional schooling + living expenses over five years), 140 000 dollars debt with a family owned business mortgage, of which she effectively owns a share, 3000 dollars in debt with the student bank account, and 20 000 dollars debt with a personal loan. Also four months into her new job she is 12 00 dollars in debt to her employer and 700 dollars in debt to her boyfriend. And another 1500 dollars debt to friends and family.

Girl has already spent all the money from march's paycheck (for feb) in the first two weeks. And now has been living these two weeks destitute (although the rent is paid for).

I am girl. I am not any girl. I have big ambitions. I want to take on a post graduate career, and want to make 1 million dollars before I am 25. And this is Day 1.